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About Krista Walsh

Krista Walsh was a failure.At twenty years old she had been fired three times in six months from her career as a dental assistant. As she had to re-evaluate her career path (and face unemployment), Krista moved back home with her parents to work in her family’s home heating business. Driven by the fear of failure, she studied and researched account receivable strategies and policies.Walsh became the first Canadian graduate of the International Center for Collection Professionals which aided her when she opened the doors of her own credit and resource company "KC Collect!", the first and only woman-owned collection agency in Atlantic Canada.Today, Krista is a multifaceted entrepreneur, author and speaker with businesses spanning from debt collection to fitness. She has been named an Emerging Leader for Atlantic Canada (twice), her local Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers’s Rising Star and has developed into one of Canada’s leading young entrepreneurs.Krista is focused on providing professional development and training services for businesses, with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Krista will meet and go beyond your expectations. With a variety of programs to choose from, we are confident you will not be disappointed.She is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of her book Stories of a Debt Collector: Chasing Dollars, Delinquents and Durangos, and has also written and self-published another book 20 Tricks, Tips & Techniques: on Successful Debt Collection.


Krista offers a variety of speaking and professional development services which can be custom-tailored to each client's needs surrounding accounts receivable, debt collection, relationship management and networking.


Best Practices for Collections & Accounts Receivable(90 - 120 minutes)Creating and maintaining positive client relationships while performing maintenance enforcement requires a specific balance. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but there are routine measures that can be practiced to ensure a successful interaction for all parties involved. With these tips from a collection industry expert, participants can easily overcome obstacles and challenging and confrontational situations.

Learning Outcomes:
● Creating Open and Long-term Communication with the Client
● Effective Letter Writing & Communication
● The Collection Phone Call
● Handling Excuses
● Diffusing Complaints or Escalated Situations
● Researching Investigation Avenues for Skip Tracing

Building Connections and Relationships: Networking and Growing Your Business(90 - 120 minutes)Every small business professional knows the importance of networking. In this interactive session, participants will learn how to properly enhance their network and build on existing business relationships.

Learning Outcomes:
● First Impressions/Body Language
● Learning Names
● Identifying Common Ground
● Reverse Networking
● Tapping into your Resources

Small Business Management and Cash Flow(90 - 120 minutes)Creating and managing cash flow can keep the small business owner up late at night. With these tips from an industry expert, participants will be able to overcome financial obstacles and operate their businesses with ease.

Learning Outcomes:
● Specializing in Creating Cash Flow
● Credit Management
● Effective Letter Writing & Communication
● The Collection Phone Call
● Handling Excuses and Diffusing Complaints


Try-Ask-Find: Three Keys to Success in the Workplace(45 - 60 minutes)Throughout this highly interactive session, Krista will share her three simple keys to success that are within reach of everyone—from believing in yourself, overcoming your self-doubt and enhancing your inner leadership.

Learning Outcomes:
● Try Everything Once & Taking Risks
●How To Ask For Help
●Enhancing Leadership Skills
●Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Enhancing your Network to Grow Your Business(45 - 60 minutes)Every small business professional recognizes the significance of networking. In this engaging session, attendees with acquire insights into effectively expanding their network and cultivating existing business relationships.


Below are testimonials from past clients of Krista Walsh ranging from a wide variety of businesses and industries

“Krista is a smart, dedicated, and passionate woman. Krista is an engaging and practical presenter who adds tremendous value to any audience.”- Andrew Oland, CEO of Moosehead Breweries

“Krista Walsh effortlessly blends humor, creativity, determination, and fervor, infusing her talks with infectious energy and passion for business. Her ability to build a thriving enterprise from scratch is commendable, and she generously imparts invaluable real-world insights and experiences from her entrepreneurial journey.”- David Dunphy, Business Development Director, Eastlink

“Krista captivated our staff with humorous tales of her business-building journey and the inevitable mishaps along the way. Through her anecdotes, Krista showcased her courage, determination, and resilience. A born storyteller, she effortlessly held the attention of our entire team.”- Manny Cabral, EVP, D&A Group Services

"Krista's presentation was a perfect blend of theory and practical application. She shared real-world examples and actionable strategies that small businesses could immediately implement. Her ability to infuse humor into what can often be a dry subject matter kept the audience captivated and made the learning experience enjoyable."- Adam Grant, Fixed Operations Manager, Centennial Mazda

"Krista has the adept ability to connect instantly with her audiences. The content leaves you thinking of how you can improve, and it motivates you to start implementing new ideas."- Mike Cassidy, President, Coach Atlantic & Maritime Bus

“Krista offers invaluable insights drawn from her own experiences to those aspiring to replicate her success in business. Her delivery is captivating and lively, ensuring you remain engaged the whole time.”- Joel Ives, Owner & Broker, Century 21 Colonial Realty Inc.

“Krista’s seminar was impressively structured and engaging. Her dynamic speaking style truly captivated the audience. The anecdotes that she shared were both insightful and captivating, demonstrating pure expertise in the cash flow and collection management.”-Paula Price, Operations Manager, ServiceMaster

Past Clients

Several past clients in speaking and professional development include:


Krista has written and self-published two books on her expertise in collections management and accounts receivable.Click below to view and purchase her books.

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